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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With the 2024 legislative session concluded, I wanted to send one last update to you before election-year restrictions begin on Monday, May 6. These restrictions apply to legislators up for reelection and prohibit email updates, hard copy mailers, op-eds, press releases, and radio feeds which include the assistance of legislative staff. As a result, this will be my last update to you until later this fall after the general-election results are certified.

My seatmate, Rep. Jenny Graham, and I sent out our 2024 session recap mailer. If you haven’t received it yet, it should hit your mailbox soon. You can click here for an electronic version to reference throughout the summer if need be.

It was great to see several of you at our townhall meeting on April 23. Rep. Graham and I joined with 9th Legislative District representatives, Joe Schmick and Mary Dye. We discussed the session, wildfire recovery efforts, the unprecedented six initiatives the people sent to the Legislature, and public safety issues.

For those who weren’t there or missed previous discussions on the initiatives, you can click here for more information. I am proud of our state’s tradition of allowing initiatives to be sent to the Legislature. This is a direct way for citizen involvement and to send a clear message to lawmakers. This year, the voice of the People was loud and clear!

Initially, Democrats refused to hold public hearings on these proposals. But with public pressure and insistence from House Republicans, ultimately three passed. I discussed these in more detail in my last email update to you on March 20. You can read that here.

Rep. Mike Volz speaks on the House floor during legislative debate.

While my proactive outreach to you is now limited until later this fall, I am still your representative year-round. If you have an issue with state government bureaucracy or have concerns about state government issues, you can always contact my office. We are here to help.

In addition, if you need a guest speaker for your civic group or community organization, I would be happy to give a session update or talk about the important issues for the 2025 session as my schedule allows.

Thank you for all the feedback and for reading my updates. I appreciate your interest and involvement as I serve you in the state House of Representatives.


Mike Volz

State Representative Mike Volz, 6th Legislative District
427 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(509) 456-2750 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000