As your state representative, being chosen by my friends and neighbors to represent them in the state House, has truly been a high honor.

I have lived and worked in Spokane County most of my life and have seen the best Spokane County has to offer. However, recent increases in property and violent crime in our region are concerning. The homelessness crisis, the fentanyl epidemic, and the increase in housing costs need to be addressed.

In addition, our state budget has doubled in the past 10 years and nearly $80 billion in tax increases have been enacted. This is unsustainable. We need to prioritize spending and live within our means.

Improving our business climate correlates with our ability to curb taxes and prioritize spending. Jobs follow business growth, and with one of the best school districts in the state and several institutions of higher learning and training in Spokane, we have a ready source for a skilled workforce. As my wife, a middle school teacher, constantly reminds me, we must continue our commitment to education as we get our economy moving.

I invite you to contact my office with any concerns, suggestions or questions. Thank you for the honor of serving you in Olympia.

Rep. Mike Volz
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

Massive tax and spending increases are harming families.

State spending has more than doubled over the past 10 years. How many of you have seen your take-home income double over the past decade? The tax-and-spend mentality in Olympia has run amok. The majority party has passed nearly $80 billion in tax increases during this time. Individuals and families struggling with high inflation, increases in fuel and energy prices, high food bills, and exorbitant increases in housing costs NEED A BREAK!

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Cracking down on violent crime, the fentanyl crisis, and property crimes.

Property and violent crimes are increasing across our state at an alarming rate. According to FBI statistics, violent crime over the past few years has decreased nationwide, but INCREASED by 80% here in our state! In addition, kidnappings, human trafficking, and the fentanyl crisis continue to be issues. In a recent study, Washington was ranked the 8th most dangerous state in the nation. While some work was done the past two sessions to give law enforcement the tools they need, more must be done!

View a snapshot of crime in our state, including the most recent FBI statistics

Out of the six initiatives sent to the Legislature by the People, three passed and three will be on the ballot.

I'm proud of our state's tradition of allowing "We the People..." to send initiatives straight to the Legislature. It is one of the most direct ways for voters to make their wishes known. This session, the voice of the People was made loud and clear! Out of the six initiatives sent to the Legislature, three passed and three did not. The three that didn't pass will be sent to the ballot where voters will have the final say.

Learn more about the initiatives sent to the Legislature.

Meet Mike Volz

Rep. Mike Volz is serving his fourth term representing the Spokane region’s 6th Legislative District, which includes part of Spokane County, Airway Heights, Medical Lake and Cheney. Volz is a graduate of both Eastern Washington University with a degree in business finance and accounting, and an MBA from Gonzaga...

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