Volz bill to expand opportunities to conserve open spaces, habitats passes House

A bill to help counties maintain open spaces, streams, habitats, and other lands received unanimous approval from the Washington State House of Representatives Friday. The legislation was sponsored by Rep. Mike Volz, the newest state representative for the 6th District.

House Bill 1820 would allow counties to use more of their existing property tax revenues to maintain lands purchased under a county's conservation futures fund, which counties currently use to acquire and preserve lands for conservation and public recreation.

“I've heard from my own county they need more flexibility with the existing funding mechanism to accommodate maintenance needs,” said Volz, R-Spokane. “We need to ensure counties can stay on top of community needs so families can remain safe while recreating on these lands, add walking trails and maps, and provide adequate protections for habitats.”

As of 2016, Spokane County has 7,700 acres of land purchased through their conservation futures fund.

House Bill 1820 now advances to the Senate for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications