House approves Volz bill to allow county treasurers to contract with each other

On Tuesday evening, the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Volz, R-Spokane, that would allow county treasurers to partner with each other for the good of the communities and regions they serve.

Specifically, House Bill 2072 would authorize county treasurers to contract with another county treasurer, the state treasurer, or both, for services, including banking, investment services, and technology projects.

“Banking and other financial services can pose challenges to rural communities with limited resources. And when it comes to financial contracts, volume is key. The more counties involved in a contract, the more negotiating power you have, leading to better services at better prices for residents,” said Volz.

Volz said the bill would have been helpful in a recent incident in Spokane and Lincoln counties. Due to the delay in the 2017-18 capital budget, Spokane County was able to provide stop-gap funding to one of the county's school districts but was not permitted to provide the same assistance to a school district in Lincoln County, even though roughly two-thirds of the students in that school district reside in Spokane County.

The bill now advances to the Senate for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications