Volz proposal to protect homeowners from onerous interest rates and penalties unanimously passes House

The Washington State House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation today that will protect homeowners from onerous interest rates and penalties, helping keep more property tax payers from foreclosure.

Rep. Mike Volz, R-Spokane and sponsor of House Bill 1410, said a lot of bipartisan effort went into the bill over the course of the last few weeks, making it more effective and garnering a unanimous vote in the House.

“I’ve always been very open about working across the aisle on legislation when needed,” said Volz. “The input we’ve received has helped us get to a better bill that was looked upon favorably by all members of the House of Representatives. It will go a long way toward keeping homeowners in their residences, especially in these troubling financial times.”

Volz’s proposal lowers the delinquent property tax interest rate on residential homes from 12% to 9%. It also eliminates late payment penalties on those same homes, further helping keep families from losing their homes and experiencing homelessness.

“I started working on property tax payment and delinquent tax interest and penalty relief years ago with then-Spokane County Treasurer and now 4th Legislative District Representative Rob Chase,” said Volz. “We started with a partial payment option in Spokane County and now after several years, have lowered the delinquent tax interest and eliminated penalties on residential dwellings.  I am happy to say this bill had broad bi-partisan support throughout the committee process and on the House floor – obvious by the unanimous vote we saw today.”

Volz’s bill now heads to the state Senate for further consideration.

The 105-day 2021 remote legislative session is scheduled to end April 25.   


Washington State House Republican Communications