Rep. Mike Volz calls Gov. Inslee out for misguided attempt to delay Spokane’s north/south freeway

With news of Gov. Jay Inslee’s transportation budget proposal making headlines around the state, many local lawmakers are uniting against his efforts to delay Spokane’s much-needed north/south freeway, or North Spokane Corridor.

Rep. Mike Volz, R-Spokane, is adding his voice to the growing opposition which includes elected officials on both sides of the aisle, industry leaders, business owners, and county officials.

Volz, who is a member of the House Transportation Committee, issued the following statement regarding the governor’s actions:

“I don’t know if this was a veiled message the governor was trying to send to Spokane-area lawmakers and residents, or whether he is just that out of touch with the transportation issues facing our communities. Either way, his attempt to potentially delay completion of the North Spokane Corridor by six years is an unrealistic expectation. Our residents have waited too long as it is.

“I will work with my legislative colleagues on both sides of the aisle to make sure he understands what this project means to the safety of our communities and the local economy. We will make it crystal clear that we are united in our opposition and we will work to find a solution that ensures this decades-old project is completed on time.

“It has been said that Governor Inslee is the governor of Seattle and King County, and is tone deaf to the needs of the rest of the state. Sadly, his actions on the North Spokane Corridor only strengthen that allegation.”


Washington State House Republican Communications