Legislation from Rep. Mike Volz would prevent state and local governments from taxing Washingtonians’ personal income

Rep. Mike Volz has introduced a bill that would prohibit the state, cities, counties, and other political subdivisions in the state of Washington from imposing taxes on any type of personal income.

House Bill 2439 defines “income” as salary, wages, interest, dividends, and other earnings which are reportable for federal income tax purposes, and cash payments such as reimbursements received from pensions, annuities, social security, and public assistance programs.

“My constituents have made it abundantly clear, many, many times, they don’t want more taxes,” said Volz, R-Spokane. “However, state lawmakers from the majority party continue to push legislation and policies to not only increase our taxes, but also to create new ones. It’s time for the government to listen. No more tax increases.”

With the cost of living at a breaking point for many, Volz continues working on legislation to change the tax narrative in Washington. House Bill 2439 builds on the 6th District lawmaker’s effort last session to always give voters the final word on any tax increase implemented by the Legislature in Olympia.

In 2023, Volz sponsored a constitutional amendment, House Joint Resolution 4202, which would have required a mandatory referendum – a vote of the people – after any tax increase implemented by the Washington State Legislature.

“The people I represent are tired of being ignored,” said Volz. “With runaway inflation, ever-increasing state budgets, and the costs for fuel and energy going up, state government needs to stop asking for more. They have been operating under a surplus for years.

“My constituents might feel differently if their tax dollars were put to better use. However, the perception is endless spending and waste. Housing is increasingly unaffordable and getting worse, crime is getting worse, and access to affordable health care is getting worse.

“Students are falling behind the rest of the nation, and the costs of higher education continues to rise. When will it be enough? Let’s allow the people to have their say, and then let’s listen to them,” said Volz.

Volz’s constitutional amendment did not receive a hearing last year. HB 2439 has not yet been scheduled for a hearing this session.

“I know how my constituents feel about taxes. But if there is anyone who doesn’t think they are being taxed enough and would like to give more, there are options available to do that,” added Volz. “If you think you’re under-taxed, you can donate directly to state government.”

For those who want to donate to state government they can go to: tre.wa.gov/online-forms/donate-to-the-state-of-washington/

The 2024 legislative session started on Jan. 8 and is scheduled to run 60 consecutive days, before concluding on March 7.


Washington State House Republican Communications