Lawmakers from the 6th District secure more than $5 million combined in the 2024-25 supplemental capital and transportation budgets

On Wednesday, the Washington State Legislature unanimously approved the state’s 2024-25 supplemental capital budget. The biennial construction, repair, and infrastructure funding plan, Senate Bill 5949, appropriates a total of $1.33 billion in funding.

Reps. Mike Volz and Jenny Graham, who helped secure the funding for the 6th District, were pleased to see that many important projects in their district will be moving forward, including:

  • $300,000 for the engineering and surveying of essential fire recovery.
  • $515,000 for the Transloading Containment Sewer Area.
  • $2.1 million for the Washington State Veterans Cemetery burial and columbarium expansion grant.
  • $35,000 for the modernization of small district and tribal compact schools for a Great Northern School District planning grant.
  • Additionally, the legislators secured $1.7 million as part of the wildfire recovery assistance money included in House Bill 1899, which is headed to the governor’s desk.

Graham, R-Spokane, emphasized the significance of these projects for the prosperity of the 6th District.

“Securing funding for the mighty 6th District was a collaborative achievement that fills me with gratitude. I’m excited about the positive changes these projects will bring to our communities’ prosperity. The funds will be crucial in supporting various projects, such as aiding wildfire recovery, contributing to our education system, and addressing key public works needs. It’s truly an honor to work alongside my seatmate, advocating together to secure these funds and deliver meaningful results to the people we proudly represent.”

Volz also expressed the importance of these projects, saying, “Like every district, we have many needs in our area. There simply isn’t enough funding to fulfill all the requests. Still, we are grateful to the Capital Budget Committee for helping us secure this money for the people of the 6th District, especially the funding for wildfire recovery. We tried to do more, but we know what we were able to get will make a difference.”

The final 2024-25 supplemental capital budget will spend $1.33 billion, with $130.6 million coming from the sale of general obligation bonds. The remaining $1.2 billion is from a combination of Climate Commitment Act accounts, Common School Construction Fund, and other state and federal accounts. It leaves $547,000 in bond capacity.

The budget makes significant investments in K-12 school construction, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities, housing, early learning facilities, infrastructure, and other projects in local communities across the state. Highlights of the 2024-25 supplemental capital budget include:

  • $148.8 million for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, for new community capacity, institutional or state-run capacity, and upgrades and maintenance to existing facilities.
  • $183.64 million for housing with maintenance and upgrades for new housing units and upgrades to existing units.
  • $128.64 million for new housing projects.
  • $335.2 million for K-12 school construction, not including a reduction in SCAP for projects that did not materialize or move forward.
  • $127.86 million for higher education.
  • $210.87 million for natural resources.

In addition to the nearly $4 million from the capital budget, Volz and Graham also secured more than $3 million for important transportation projects in the district, including $419,000 for the safe routes to school project for Snowdon Elementary School.

“The additional money for transportation projects in this supplemental budget will positively impact the transportation system in our communities,” added Volz. “For example, the project for Snowdon will improve safety for kids, which is always a priority.”

Graham emphasized, “Protecting and standing up for the kids in our district is always one of my top priorities. I’m glad we secured funding for the important safe routes to school project at Snowdon Elementary School.”

The 2024 legislative session is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, March 7.


Washington State House Republican Communications